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uebersetzung-fremdspracheMeat Atlas 2014
A project of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Friends of the Earth Germany - Read translation

Opening speech by Achille Mbembe
(Cameroon / South Africa)

Theatre of the World Festival in Hamburg in May 2017 - Read translation

Book „Knowledge in Motion. Perspectives of Artistic and Scientific Research in Dance“
English translation of the German articles - Read translation

Translation is much more than the simple conversion of a written text from one language into another. Whether it is a contract, press release, website, conference document or film script; a good translation combines technical accuracy with a sensitive appreciation of sentiment and culture.

Our extensive network of professional translators enables us to match expertise with the subject matter of the original document. Every translation is produced by a native speaker of the target language. Before delivery the translation is proofread by a native speaker of the source language. This approach guarantees the highest levels of linguistic quality, precision and accuracy of style.

You can also contact us if you require certified translations of official documents or certificates. We translate marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, court judgements, divorce decrees, purchase and sales agreements and much more.

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