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Conference interpreting is a demanding activity that requires high concentration and good preparation. Our team of conference interpreters will provide your international event the linguistic professionalism to ensure that all participants can understand and participate in the proceedings.

To provide you with a conference interpreting service of the highest standard, we assemble a team of interpreters for each international event that is customized for you and your topic. Based in Berlin, our conference interpreting service is the ideal adjunct for your international event.


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Our conference service works closely with you

The key to successful and smooth conference interpreting is proper preparation. In close consultation with you, we prepare our team of interpreters (usually consisting of two interpreters per language) for the content, procedure, and structure of the conference:

  • The more information and documents we receive from you in advance, the better our interpreters can familiarize themselves with your subject area.
  • In addition, the technical and logistical preparations are tailored to the physical setting of your event.
  • Simply following our checklist will help you - and us - make the best preparations for the event.

We also coordinate the interpreting teams during the event. For larger conferences with more than two languages, we also appoint a chief interpreter ("Chef d'Equipe") who is your primary point of contact before and during the event.

Interpreting: A demanding activity

Our network of experienced and professional interpreters enables us to offer our conference service for any world language and language combination. We assemble an individually tailored team of experts who perform their tasks conscientiously and effectively.

conference interpretingConference interpreting (simultaneous interpreting) is a very demanding activity that requires the highest level of concentration. Interpreters must have a perfect command of the source and target languages, and be able to react seamlessly to linguistic peculiarities, dialects, accents, changing language dynamics, unexpected background noises, etc.

Our interpreters enter the interpreting booth 100% prepared. They take turns at regular intervals (every 20-30 minutes) to deliver uninterrupted top performance from start to finish.

Interpreters are accustomed to intensive study of new and unusual subject areas. All materials (Power Point presentations, handouts, manuscripts, speakers' texts, etc.) provided by the organizer before the conference help the interpreters to prepare and perform precisely "on topic". Advance preparation ensures that all content is interpreted professionally and accurately. Communication is clear and effective throughout the conference.

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