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Are you looking for professional interpretation for your multiple-language event? Do you need to have a specialized text translated? Then you have come to the right place! For more than 20 years we have been providing experienced teams of interpreters - throughout Germany and internationally - as well as producing translations that meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

We can meet your needs with our highly personalized and professional service!

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Benefit from the over 20 years of experience that I have as a conference interpreter and specialist translator for English and Russian. Discover more about me and my team:

Arps-Aubert Dolmetscherin Berlin

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Bettina von Arps-Aubert has been providing teams of interpreters for our international events for 20 years – everything from panel discussions involving two languages to conferences spanning multiple languages. We are very happy with the outstanding service and professional interpreting ... 

Eva Klakl

Director Event Management and Conference Centre, Heinrich Böll Stiftung
For our national congresses, our symposiums and expert conferences involving international guests we repeatedly require teams of interpreters. When this happens, we always turn to Bettina von Arps-Aubert first because we know that she and her team always deliver outstanding work... 

Dr. Anne Karrass

ver.di headquarters, Department 1 – Board of the Federal Office, EU Liaison Office 
Bettina von Arps-Aubert and her team have assisted us over many years in interpreting for focus groups and in-depth interviews. She always guarantees the highest quality and very personal service, which is extremely important in market research!
Kundenmeinung Items Dolmetscher

Julia Ernst

Managing Director, items Studio für qualitative Marktforschung


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Richard Christie

Global Source & Marketing LTD. Leicestershire, UK
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Richard Christie

Global Source & Marketing LTD. Leicestershire, UK

Translation and Interpreting Service: A Highly Focused Team of Professionals

You can book us as simultaneous interpreters for international conferences, academic congresses, television broadcasts, gala dinners, or a variety of other occasions.  We adapt to your needs.

Interpreters are language mediators between different communities and cultures. The best professional interpreters are able to adopt the tone, style, and expression of the speaker to convey the fullness of the message in the translated language. This way, very little to no meaning gets lost in the differences between the languages and cultures . This is a skill developed and refined over many years of experience. Interpreters are always in the middle of the action; but they have to keep a low profile as they fulfill their responsibility to guarantee smooth communication.


Our Translation Services at a Glance

In addition to simultaneous interpreting, our interpreting and translation agency offers the following services:

Whispered Interpreting
The translation is literally whispered to one or two people simultaneously “word for word” without disturbing the proceedings.

Escort Interpreting
Linguistic and cultural support for clients at various events and on delegation trips. We are at the disposal of our clients for as many working days as needed.

Consecutive Interpreting
The presenter and interpreter alternate: The presenter speaks a brief passage and then pauses while the interpreter repeats the same passage in the target language.

Market Research
Our team of interpreters is regularly booked throughout Germany by leading market research institutes for interpreting mini groups, focus groups, as well as in-depth interviews.

Conference Service


Everything you Need for a Successful Event

Attention, perfect command of the source and target languages, and focus are essential for simultaneous or conference interpreting. Given the extreme levels of concentration required to maintain a high standard of precision, interpreters usually work in a team of two - and occasionally three. This process allows them to alternate every 20 to 30 minutes. No matter how many languages are needed, we are able to assemble and coordinate skilled, experienced teams of interpreters for your event. Thanks to our large network, we can find the right interpreters for every need – and every language.

Our conference service also includes coordination with an interpreting equipment company to provide all the technology needed to ensure quality sound. Depending on the format of the event, this can include sound-proof interpreter booths or portable systems (microphone for the interpreter and headphones for the listeners) for events which involve movement between multiple locations.

If you are planning an event with an international audience and interpreters, we have compiled a checklist with important tips for you.


Translation and Interpretation Services: Icon

Translations by Native Speakers of the Target Language

In addition to interpretation, translations are another important pillar of our work. We can translate your written texts into all world languages. As with our interpreting, you can also expect precise, high-quality translations from us. The translators in our extensive network are able to translate everything from power point presentations and contracts to scientific articles and film scripts into another language. We are also happy to provide you with sworn translations of official documents and certificates suitable for submission to authorities.

Let our team of experienced professional interpreters and translators convince you!



New: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Dear clients,
These are challenging times for everyone.  To ensure that you can continue to communicate effectively with your international business partners, customers and colleagues, we now offer Remote Simultaneous Interpreting.

Our online conferencing solutions utilize the latest online platforms - including various technology companies based in Germany that provide a secure and stable virtual conference room – to enable you to hold the full range of meetings, seminars, training courses and similar events.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) offers you the possibility to have your online meetings interpreted simultaneously.  Our interpreters are located at a different location and interpret via an Internet-based video line 'from a distance'.

Most importantly, we are able to provide these services while maintaining our usual high-quality standards.

We will be happy to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs. Just give us a call or email us!

Bettina von Arps-Aubert and Team
January 2021