Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Corona challenges us all in different ways. For conference organizers, the question is how to organize and manage international events despite travel restrictions and contact bans.

This also includes the issue of multilingual communication and simultaneous interpretation. Thanks to the latest internet-based technologies, we are in a position to offer what is known as Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (also called distance interpreting).

In this setting, the participants to be interpreted are in different physical locations and meet in a virtual, web-based room. For the sessions everyone logs into this room 'remotely' using a laptop, tablet, computer or even a smart phone.

Secure & web-based: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting - from our own studio or via an Interpreter Hub

We have a state-of-the-art, Corona-compliant workplace for two interpreters onsite at our office. From here, we can interpret any bilingual event run on the Zoom* platform - regardless of where participants are physically located.

Arbeitsplatz eines Dolmetschers beim Remote Interpreting bei Technikfirma

Screenshot von Remote Simultaneous Interpreting mit Politikerin

Ferndolmetschen: Kabine mit Dolmetsch-Equipment

Remote Interpreting: Dolmetsch-Hub in unserem Büro
Zwei Ferndolmetscher im Dolmetsch-Hub

Our studio includes:

  • A strong, secure, and reliable internet connection
  • A high-performance server with two large HD screens and camera
  • Studio-grade sound technology
  • Professional event microphones and headphones
  • A double workstation separated by a Plexiglas hygiene divider.

Remote Interpreting Symbol
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting from our studio complies with all Corona requirements and provides safe working conditions for the interpreters. An advantage for our clients is that they no longer have to provide a physical space for the interpreters. Since both interpreters are in the same location, they can quickly make adjustments should anything unexpected occur. In addition, all pre-event technical checks (audio, video) can be done from here.

*Zoom is currently the only virtual communications platform that offers an integrated remote interpreter function – and it works very well. However, we continuously monitor developments in online meeting platforms and upgrade our capabilities accordingly.

Remote interpreting via an external 'hub'

Cabin for Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

When a client would like to use a different virtual platform or requires more than two languages for an event, our interpreters work from external 'interpreter hubs'. These are interpreting studios with standard interpreter booths that are linked to the desired online platform by the studio operator. The technology company ensures flawless, trouble-free, secure, and encrypted communication via an online platform with the respective server structure. These remote interpreting hubs can handle simultaneous interpretation for up to 10 languages at the same time.

Support and advice from experienced interpreting experts

While it cannot replace the immediacy of on-site simultaneous interpreting, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is an effective solution when all participants cannot be in the same location – especially in the current situation.

Whether here in our studio or from an external hub: we can interpret for you reliably and with our usual high quality. You can trust our experience and expertise!

Would you like more detailed information on how you can use Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) for your event? Simply give us a call or contact us by e-mail. We would also be happy to assist you with Hybrid Interpreting for your hybrid events!

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