Interpreting technology

The interpreter booth is the simultaneous interpreter’s workplace. Unless the venue happens to have permanently installed booths they need to be set up by a company specializing in interpreting technology.
If more than two languages are involved at the event, multiple booths are required. The rule of thumb here is: the number of languages minus one equals the number of booths. If, for example, four languages are spoken, three booths will be required.
The location of the booth(s) is crucial. Ideally, interpreters need to have direct eye contact with the speaker(s). Any PowerPoint presentations or video projections must also be clearly visible to the interpreters. Booths can also be set up outside the conference area in exceptional cases. In this case, a camera will need to transmit the events in the room to the booth(s) via a video monitor.

The technology company will gladly assist you in finding the optimal location. On request, we will also be happy to accompany you on a walk-through of the event venue.

SprechblaseWorking conditions
In Pakistan we worked in an unventilated tent; in Russia in cardboard boxes stacked next to each other. I know first-hand how poor working conditions can affect the quality of interpretation.

Space requirements for a booth

Internal dimensions for a two-person booth
160cm x 160cm x 200cm (W/D/H)

External dimensions
168cm x 168cm x approx. 220cm (W/D/H, ventilator included)
(Please allow 0.5 m space on the left, right or rear side for the door and access)

Interpreter booths for three interpreters are 240 cm wide.

Whispered interpreting

A portable interpretation system is often necessary for whispered interpreting involving larger groups. This consists of a microphone for the interpreter and headphones for the listeners. The maximum number of headphones is 30. From a technical point of view, it is not possible to interpret between more than two languages when using a portable system. This means that where more than two working languages are involved interpreter booths will be needed.

We will help you, to find the right solution for you!