Interpreting Service

In general, interpreting is the oral conversion of a spoken message from one language into another. Depending on the situation, we provide six different types of interpreting:

Dolmetscherin beim Simultandolmetschen


Real-time interpreting from a booth at multiple-language events



Simultaneous interpreting “on the go” – including use of a portable system


Ferndolmetschen: Screen mit Video-Konferenz

Remote interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting via a digital platform



Sequential interpreting where the speaker and interpreter speak one after another



Interpreting for delegations during trips and visits


Gruppe: Dolmetschen für Marktforschungszwecke

Market research

Interpreting at international market research projects


Interpreting Service from Berlin: Your Team of Professionals

Are you looking for a highly professional and experienced interpreter or team of interpreters for your next conference or corporate event? Do you need someone to accompany and look after your international guests?

Our interpreting and translation agency has extensive experience with high-level interpreting and translation services. We have been organizing multi-language conferences and accompanying international delegations for more than 25 years. Our team covers an extremely broad range of specialist areas and is always motivated to gain expertise in new fields. In other words, we are ready today to meet your requirements of tomorrow.

Interpreting is much more than oral translation in real time. Our professional interpreters have the flexibility, skills, and experience to fulfill your specific requirements and to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. We interpret from the source into the target language in a professional, precise, and emotionally appropriate manner. It is also our responsibility to prevent and, when necessary, mediate misunderstandings.


Interpretation Techniques used by our Agency

Every client, every international event, every delegation has its own specific requirements and interpretation needs. That is why our interpreting agency offers six different interpretation techniques:


Interpretation Agency for Simultaneous InterpretingSimultaneous interpreting:
Simultaneous interpreting is probably the best known and most sophisticated interpreting technique where the interpreter translates simultaneously what is said into the target language with a delay of about two seconds. Simultaneous interpreting requires years of professional training plus intense preparation for each topic. Due to the high level of concentration required, interpreters typically work in teams of two and alternate at regular intervals.


Interpretation Agency for Whispered interpretingWhispered interpreting:
This is a form of simultaneous interpreting whereby the interpreter sits next to, or behind, the person requiring interpretation and literally whispers the interpretation to them (also known as 'chuchotage'). Another variant uses a portable interpretation system to communicate: portable headsets and microphone. With this system, the interpretation can be received by several people at the same time. Moreover, this technology does not require the interpreter to sit next to their target audience, thus sparing all participants from the audible, but unavoidable "murmur". These systems are especially convenient for delegations visiting multiple locations.


Remote Simultaneous InterpretingRemote Simultaneous Interpreting:
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) is mainly characterized by a setting where the interpreters and event attendees are not in the same place but meet on a digital communications platform. Interpreters use this platform to render their simultaneous interpreting services remotely. Every interpreting team consists of two interpreters per language. Irrespective of the technical set-up, up to ten languages can be interpreted simultaneously.


Interpretation Agency for Consecutive interpretingConsecutive interpreting:
Consecutive interpreting is interpreting with a time delay. The person to be interpreted says a few sentences and then pauses while the interpreter repeats in the target language to the audience what has been said. The consecutive interpreter uses a specialized note-taking technique to memorize everything that has been said. Since this interpreting technique almost doubles the speaking time, it is typically only used for short speeches, guided tours, or negotiations. This technique is also frequently used for official purposes such as meetings with authorities (courts, registry office, police, prisons) or even in health care (hospitals and doctor-patient-consultations).


Interpretation Agency for Escort interpretingEscort interpreting:
An escort interpreter accompanies clients to events such as trade fairs, city tours, or dinners. Beyond bridging the difference in language, they also assist as a social mediator, helping to overcome cultural as well as linguistic barriers. Different interpreting techniques are used depending on the setting and context. This may also include 'on-the-spot' assistance with the translation of important documents.


Interpretation Agency for Interpreting in market researchInterpreting in market research:
Market research institutes in Germany and abroad rely upon expert interpreters for the implementation of their international projects. Specialized interpreters are particularly important in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. For example, focus groups and in-depth interviews with doctors or patients require a high level of experience with medical terminology and practices.

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